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You Are How You Eat
by noteworthy at 9:40 am EDT, Jul 6, 2004

Children's menus in American restaurants seem to be made up of fried foods, hamburgers, chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese. Restaurants will say that it is because that's what youngsters like.

The truth is that it is what parents are teaching their children to eat.

Once at a Japanese restaurant a family sitting at the table next to ours looked in amazement as our 5-year-old daughter was thoroughly enjoying her eel sushi.

You Are How You Eat
by k at 10:35 am EDT, Jul 6, 2004

] Ultimately, it's not the carbohydrates -- or the next
] unsuspecting food group that will come under attack
] -- that will make us overweight. It's our
] relationship with food and our lifestyle.

[ I hope this meme catches on with the greater public. Eat less. Exercise more. -k]

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