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No, no, a thousand times, no 'Broadcast Treaty'
by Dagmar at 10:13 am EDT, Jul 7, 2011

Basically, in case you haven't already heard, WIPO has gone so far off the deep end as to have decided that they want to s**t in the eyes of Public Domain.

No, no, no, a thousand times no, and yes this is the sort of thing that will make it no longer worth telling people they should abide by copyrights.

Adding extra rights to be granted to someone just because they had the money and the power to broadcast something, especially when this applies to works already in the public domain, is no better than fascism.

No, no, no, a thousand times no.

No, no, a thousand times, no 'Broadcast Treaty'
by Decius at 12:39 pm EDT, Jul 7, 2011

I pretty much agree with Dagmar on this. New intellectual property rights are not required to deal with signal piracy and they would create a myriad of unintended consequences that would largely be counterproductive.

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