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Alan Kay, on Powerful Ideas
by noteworthy at 8:31 pm EDT, Jul 18, 2004

Recent studies have shown that less than 5% of American adults have learned to think fluently in modern non-story forms.

In order to be completely enfranchised in the 21st century, it will be very important for children to get fluent in the three central forms of thinking that are now in use: "stories", "logical arguments", and "systems dynamics".

The question is: "how?"

A good rule of thumb for curriculum design is to aim at being idea based, not media based.

Often, computers in the classroom are technology as a kind of junk food -- people love it but there is no nutrition to speak of.

Television has become America's mass medium, and it is a very poor container for powerful ideas.

Schools are very likely the last line of defence in the global trivialization of knowledge -- yet it appears that they have not yet learned enough about the new technologies and media to make the important distinctions between formal but meaningless activities with computers and networks and the fluencies needed for real 21st century thinking.

We can't learn to see until we realize we are blind.

The reason is that understanding -- like civilization, happiness, music, science and a host of other great endeavors -- is not a state of being, but a manner of traveling. And the main goal of helping children learn is to find ways to show them that great road which has no final destination, and that manner of traveling in which the journey itself is the reward.

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