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RE: Diebold Machines


RE: Diebold Machines
by Decius at 9:13 pm EDT, Jul 20, 2004

k wrote:
] [ My feelings echo Tom's somewhat. I think the most dangerous
] aspect of these machines is the certification process,
] pre-election access to the devices, malicious or shitty code,
] and hardware failure.

I'm also concerned about the use of the network to tabulate an "unofficial" count.

] Perhaps you'd
] need to take the step to match the color if you were gonna
] swap.

Good observation, although I don't think they'd notice if the card that went in the machine was a different color. They'd notice if you walked away from the machines and handed then one that was different though. It mostly enforces their verification that you are registered to vote there.

] The machines plainly indicate how many votes it's taken for
] the day.

Oh! I forgot to mention. The person who gave me the smart card suggested that I "use one of the machines on the left because they haven't been used as much today." I thought that was an odd comment. Maybe the things only hold so many votes...

RE: Diebold Machines

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