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RE: Binrev topics


RE: Binrev topics
by StankDawg at 9:44 am EDT, Aug 19, 2004

Acidus wrote:
] Here are some of the stuff we talked about on the show:
] -Listener Email
] -HumanML - WTF?
] -Mandrake Linux - Make it stable.
] -KVM switches - problems
] -Projects overview : Projects Stank and Acidus are working on.
] -Hacker zines - more code and more pictures
] -Pimping Phreaknic
] -review of summer 2004 2600 - Articles that didn't suck
] -Socket programming in C
] -Writing convincing articles/lectures
] -Best article ever
] -Stripe Snoop
] --Q&A
] --Basics
] --ISO standards
] --How the DB works
] --Future features

It was a good episode overall! I look forward to having you on again in the future. I really think it works a lot better when it is a co-host situation and not just an "interview ________ about his ________ project" because everyone has great insight into many of the topics that we talk about.

RE: Binrev topics

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