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Halting Crime in Advance Has Its Perils
by Jeremy at 7:16 am EDT, Jun 21, 2002

It's the year 2054 ... in Steven Spielberg's atmospheric new thriller, "Minority Report," a muscular and dense exercise of skill and verve. Although a few things remain the same in 2054, much has changed.

Pre-Crime chief John Anderston (Tom Cruise) buys the motto "That which keeps us safe also keeps us free," until he becomes a fugitive himself. Accused of a crime predicted for the future, he is soon on the run.

"Minority Report" may be the most adult film Mr. Spielberg has made in some time. It's about the bloody blurring of passion and violence: a compassionate noir. As Anderton, it may be one of [Cruise's] best performances yet.

Many of the suspenseful beats are also sick jokes. ... The movie is filled with fictional commercials and the onslaught is presented as intrusive.

The movie is really a kind of tour de force ... The film is magnificently creepy ...

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