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DNC Protests?
by Shannon at 1:44 pm EDT, Aug 30, 2004

I had some trouble finding details of what the demonstrations at the DNC were like. I'm wondering what sorts of restrictions they had, and if there were incidents. It seems like the difference in numbers is dramatic. Its sort of interesting that even though the country's basically split down the middle, one of those halves is that much more vehement. Pro-Bush people are nowhere near as enthusiastic then their detractors. So, one side is shouting, "FUCKING ASSHOLE COCKSUCKING MURDERING IDIOT!!!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS COUNTRY" and the other side is replying... "Eh. It's really not THAT bad." Its extremely rare to see a large group of people who genuinely love the bush administration. It's a shame votes don't track passions.

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