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GOP Convention Music
by Rattle at 10:24 pm EDT, Aug 31, 2004

You know, they really could have gotten better acts then what I'm seeing.

] I'm A Conservative
] Iggy Pop
] (Soldier)

Oh yeah, just look with the eyes of imagination and picture how this would go over..

] I used to lead a quiet life
] In fact it was a bare existence
] I passed out on many floors
] I don't do that any more

That screams W.

] Hello my friends
] Is everybody happy?
] Hey look me over
] Lend me an ear
] I'm a conservative

Hear hear..

] I like the small black marks on my hands
] I'm a conservative
] I like the crazy girls that I screw
] Hey I know them all well

Laura, that crazy thing.

] And when I run out of bread I laugh
] All the way to the bank
] Sometimes I pause for a drink
] Conservatism ain't no easy job

See, this says something about the current policy on the deficit.

] I smile in the mornings
] I live without a care
] Nothing is denied me
] And nothing ever hurts

They say Bush is a morning person. He certainly plays tough guy well.

] I got bored so I'm making my millions
] When you're conservative you get a better break
] You're always on the rigltt side
] When you're conservative

Think sports teams and token CEO positions.

] You walk with pride
] Pride is on your side
] Pride pride pride
] Is on our side
] Oh boy
] Pride is on our side

Ok, so this doesn't fit. Maybe for Cheney's daughter..

] I like my beer
] I like my bread
] I love my girl
] I love my head


] I'm in the clear man
] I'm in the dear
] Because I'm a conservative
] I'm a conservative
] I really am
] Ohyeslam

Rah rah.

] And it would mean so much to me
] If you would only be like me
] Yes it could mean so much to me

Yep. Very convention worthy.

] Hey look me over
] Lend me an ear
] I'm a conservative

So, I'm sure Iggy Pop would have played The Garden for the GOP. Why the hell not?

The only act booked I even recognize is Brooks & Dunn, and I'm not proud of that.

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