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RE: Photoshop Currency Detection


RE: Photoshop Currency Detection
by skullaria at 8:21 am EDT, Sep 17, 2004

Once I did a Christmas print that just would NOT print out correctly. It kept looking more blue than the shade of green that I had wanted. The monitor was calibrated. The printer normally didn't have this problem.

I happened by Office Depot later that day, thinking it was my color cartridge. It just happened that an HP rep was there. I explained my problem to him, and he said that HP printers were programmed that if they detected a certain shade of green to dump more cyan in the ink.

I went home, not buying the expensive cartridge. I adjusted the shade of green JUST a bit, and it printed perfectly.

I suppose I'd stumbled onto the color of money.


Romanpoet wrote:
] As many of you know, modern color copiers/Photoshop detect
] currency and refuse to scan/open such images. There has been
] some work in reverse-engineering what algorithms are used to
] determine what is currency. I am very much interested in
] expanding this work towards the end of creating false
] positives. [Think like a T-shirt that when worn would make
] you difficult to photograph, or artists discreetly embedding
] such watermarks inside photos that they dont want
] photoshopp'ed, etc.]
] Consider this a call for any comments/knowledge relating to
] this issue.
] Also see:

RE: Photoshop Currency Detection

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