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UHM - Tim Sullivan's Shock and Roll
by Rattle at 7:24 pm EDT, Sep 23, 2004

My cousin has a new online column/blog type thing.. Those of you who are into horror should enjoy.

] The papers and late night TV ads stressed "No one under
] 18 will be admitted." Well, mom didn't have to know
] that. All she had to know was that if she didn't take
] her son to the movies that night, he was gonna slit his
] wrist. Not for real, of course. But mom didn't have to
] know that either"
] As her Bonneville pulled up and she hopped out smiling, I
] made my way over. Her smile soon faded as I raised my
] left arm, put metal to flesh. "There's this new
] horror movie, mom. The new Living Dead movie. You
] remember that one? That black and white zombie movie you
] didn't like so much. They say this one is even gorier.
] We gotta go..."

Sounds like the style of someone else I know as well...

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