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RE: PowerBook Blowup Blues


RE: PowerBook Blowup Blues
by Rattle at 12:08 pm EDT, Oct 6, 2004

Jello wrote:
] My god sir, if 12" iBook died... I dunno what I'd do.

What you would do? That's simple, actually. Based on personal experience, it seems to go like this.. Shock, denial, anger, sadness, agony..

The shock and denial are really close.. There is sure to be some of the "No, please, no!" with a touch of "This is the worst time for this!", as if there is a time when it would be 'ok'.. The anger is breif and light, but unavoidable. As soon as rationality returns, it goes to sadness. The agony can be avoided unless your only fallback machine is a Windows box.

... if you are not on top of your backups, it can be much worse.

RE: PowerBook Blowup Blues

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