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New York Police Are Shit
by Dagmar at 8:55 am EDT, Sep 28, 2011

So I finally came across somewhere with the collected videos of what was going on this weekend in New York.

For over a week, the Wall Street protests have taken place peacefully, and then over the weekend, it appears the police decided they needed to try and provoke things... with some brutal beatings and bogus arrests.

They're still currently claiming none of the officers did anything wrong. if NYC erupts into chaos later this week, at least you'll know what caused it.

Oppression of the People.

RE: New York Police Are Shit
by Dagmar at 9:02 am EDT, Sep 28, 2011

A reminder... when you see a violent crime taking place, you have a moral imperative as a citizen to intervene. Especially if it's the police.

RE: New York Police Are Shit
by Decius at 10:41 am EDT, Sep 29, 2011

Dagmar wrote:
Oppression of the People.

Its probably worth saying that prior to the tear gassing the protestors were being really overdramatic. The police were obviously trying to prevent the rally from moving down that side street. Is it really necessary to call them fascists?

We had protest rallies in San Francisco every day, (you and I even participated in some) and they never turned into the kind of conflict that seems to break out every time the hard core leftists are out in force. To think that police in different cities all over the world are specifically singling out these people for brutal repression but allowing all kinds of other protests of every variety to take place every day without similar issues is tin-foil-hat kind of thinking.

These protestors know that conflicts with the police will raise the profile of their demonstrations and they know that these conflicts reenforce their groupthink that the fascist state and the police are out to get them.

Newsflash: This isn't Egypt. You're not living in an autocratic state.

The fact is that these protestors are jerks. The police are not trying to prevent their voices from being heard, they are trying to manage the crowd and keep some of the streets passable. These protestors have no more right to the streets than other citizens who aren't participating in their struggle or don't agree with their views. It was not necessary or appropriate for the police to tear gas them, but you can be a victim of police brutality and an asshole at the same time.

Occupy Wall Street: inquiries launched as new pepper-spray video emerges
by Decius at 8:24 am EDT, Sep 29, 2011

The senior New York police officer at the centre of the Occupy Wall Street pepper spray controversy fired the gas at protesters a second time just moments later.

After new video emerged on Wednesday showing the second incident, New York police commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters that the Civilian Complaint Review Board would investigate the officer, deputy inspector Anthony Bologna.

The New York Police Department's own internal affairs bureau also plans to open an investigation, the New York Times reports.

Good thing filming the police is not illegal in NYC.

Occupy Wall Street: inquiries launched as new pepper-spray video emerges

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