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What if it's a tie? -- Electoral College Scenarios
by Elonka at 3:58 pm EDT, Oct 26, 2004

] The Electoral College ties and Congress chooses the
] president. State delegations can't decide. The
] Senate splits. Republican Speaker of the House Dennis
] Hastert becomes president.
] The scenario may seem outlandish but it's certainly
] as plausible as what the world witnessed four years ago
] when a split Supreme Court ended the Florida recount and
] crowned George W. Bush the leader of the free world.
] In 2004, we have new solutions that may create new
] problems -- a federal mandate to count provisional
] ballots; electronic voting machines that give no paper
] proof that a vote has been cast.
] But it's the nearly 220-year-old Electoral College
] that may be the bane of Election 2004. Here are some
] far-fetched and not-so-far-fetched possibilities:

An interesting article that does a thorough analysis of the "What if" game, if Bush and Kerry were to get identical numbers of electoral votes. Worth reading. :)

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