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Engineering the 10 000-Year Clock - IEEE Spectrum
by noteworthy at 6:48 am EST, Nov 9, 2011

David Kushner:

How do you engineer something for the very distant future and get people to care about it today?

Stewart Brand:

We are trying to get people to think long-term, because civilization's shortening attention span is mismatched with the pace of environmental problems.

Jeff Bezos:

Symbols are important.

Danny Hillis:

The more we highlight and blend in with the most spectacular features of the mountain, the more memorable a Clock visit will be for the time pilgrims.

Freeman Dyson:

It's very important that we adapt to the world on the long-time scale as well as the short-time scale.

If you want to see humanity move gracefully into space, you have to accept it's going to take a while.

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