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Paul Christoforo, Douchebag, Interviewed by Forbes
by Dagmar at 4:07 pm EST, Dec 29, 2011

So if you missed it, yesterday someone set new standards for Massively Pissing Away Your Career By Being An Ass. Check the news blog on Penny-Arcade for the details, and if you're not aware of them the Forbes article won't make as much sense.

Suffice it to say that from the interview with Forbes, this guy hasn't learned a goddamn thing. Everyone and their brother read the emails and knows what went down--except, apparently Mr. Christoforo, who appears to be both delusional and incredibly naive in thinking he can tell a reporter lies about what happened without most of the readers (of the millions who read the email exchange) knowing exactly how full of crap he is. ...and now they've got confirmation he's full of crap and that it wasn't just a one-time lapse of judgement made in the "heat of the moment".

If he had any sense he would be doing the following things:

1. Checking into a detox clinic for that steroid problem.
2. Writing a detailed apology letter to everyone, everywhere, for everything.
3. Hiring a lawyer to help with the details of moving to a new city and legally changing his name.

...because he's sure as hell not working in the gaming industry again unless he learns how to out-shoot people with a controller.

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