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A High Level of Perception
by possibly noteworthy at 6:46 am EST, Feb 22, 2012

Tyler Cohen:

The most dangerous people are those that have been taught some financial literacy. They're the ones who go out and make the worst mistakes. It's the people that realize, "I don't know anything at all," that end up doing pretty well.

Richard Thaler:

Many people love lotteries.

In using lotteries to motivate it is important to get the details right.

The idea is to play on people's feelings of regret.

Alison Gopnik:

What teenagers want most of all are social rewards.

An Afghan human smuggler:

They will know you are lying, but as long as you say the same thing whatever they ask you, you will be fine.

John Horgan on the theories of Robert Trivers:

Fooling others yields obvious benefits, but why do we so often fool ourselves? First, believing that we're smarter, sexier and more righteous than we really are -- or than others consider us to be -- can help us seduce and persuade others and even improve our health, via the placebo effect, for example. And the more we believe our own lies, the more sincerely, and hence effectively, we can lie to others.

Philip J. Buckenmeyer, et al:

CONCLUSION: The 5-Hour Energy Shot(R) did not significantly improve short- or long-term cognitive function for selected computer-based tasks despite a high level of perception that it was working effectively compared to a placebo with college-aged participants.

Michiru Hoshino:

Oh! I feel it. I feel the cosmos!

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