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by Dagmar at 4:11 pm EDT, Jun 8, 2012

Right so... Stuxnet was gov't/military. It got rustled because anti-malware people were paying attention and managed to fit the pieces together.

...yet antivir companies seemed to universally "miss" the pieces.

Now we've got Flame, which shows every sign of being basically the same kind of setup, except this time there's no obvious payload. Oh and it's signed by a "rogue" certficate. Nah...

"Normal" criminals don't screw around much. They compromise hosts and start using them.

...and now that the media is catching on a bit early, a module went out to very carefully scrub the machine of all traces of the malware?

Does the word 'scuttle' have any meaning to anyone anymore? How the crap can this possibly be confusing anyone who has supposedly been paying attention.

I'm sure the agency that's doing this is pretty irritated right now but, well... maybe they'll have better luck not being spotted the next time around.

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