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Find a Hacker, Win a Gun: DCist
by Shannon at 6:05 pm EDT, Jul 31, 2012

Yesterday, the conservative website The Daily Caller, the online home of Tucker Carlson and his bowties, was hacked and had its banner ads replaced by advertisements for hardcore pornography. Instead of ad copy for various corporations or anti-Democratic interest groups, The Daily Caller's ads invited readers to click through for "BRUTALLY HARDCORE ACTION!" and "INCREDIBLY NASTY SEX!"
But the ads have since been removed, and now it's time for the Caller get even—by giving away a handgun to whoever can track down the hacker who inundated the site with the porn. The Caller is in the middle of a weekly series of giving away 9-millimeter pistols to its gun-loving readers, and this week's contest is now a one-off special: Find the hacker and win the gun, an FMK 9C1 manufactured in California.

The FMK 9C1 is a semi-automatic pistol that takes between 10 and 14 rounds. It also comes with the Bill of Rights engraved on its casing. And The Daily Caller will give it to you if you can track down that pesky, porny hacker.

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