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to safeguard and further their interests
by noteworthy at 11:43 am EDT, Oct 5, 2014

Taylor Swift:

I have to stop myself from thinking about how many aspects of technology I don't understand.

Nicholas Carr:

When an inscrutable technology becomes an invisible technology, we would be wise to be concerned. At that point, the technology's assumptions and intentions have infiltrated our own desires and actions. We no longer know whether the software is aiding us or controlling us. We're behind the wheel, but we can't be sure who's driving.

A victim/beneficiary of automation:

I know I'm not in the loop, but I'm not exactly out of the loop. It's more like I'm flying alongside the loop.

David Sanger:

The recent attacks on the financial firms raise the possibility that the banks may not be up to the job of defending themselves.

Thomas Wells:

Once one recognizes the real world significance of framing, governments have an ethical obligation to step in to mitigate its potential to undermine people's ability to choose prudently -- to safeguard and further their interests in health and wealth. Choosing not to try to frame choices better does not leave citizens free to make their own choices. It leaves us vulnerable to contingency and to exploitation ...

David Runciman:

The only thing that can rein in the state is a more powerful state.

Washington Post Editorial Board:

This is an important moment in which technology, privacy and the rule of law are colliding. Smartphone users must accept that they cannot be above the law if there is a valid search warrant.

Nicholas Carr:

As we habituate ourselves to [technology, it] comes to exert more power over us, not less. We may be oblivious to the constraints it imposes on our lives, but the constraints remain.

Samantha Power:

There are great benefits to connectedness, but we haven't wrapped our minds around the costs.

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