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likely to be remembered as a failure | A Noteworthy Year
by noteworthy at 7:43 am EST, Dec 31, 2014

Michael Hamelin:

The vulnerability, nicknamed "Shellshock," ... affects the Bash shell versions 1.14 through 4.3, which means that it has been around for more than 20 years.

Robert Freeman:

Significant vulnerabilities can go undetected for some time. In this case, the buggy code is at least 19 years old and has been remotely exploitable for the past 18 years.

James Comey:

The Internet is the most dangerous parking lot imaginable.

Jessy Irwin:

By preying on the absolute worst fears of administrators and parents across the country, technology companies are earning millions of dollars selling security "solutions" that do not accurately address the threat model these tools claim to dispel.

Marc Rogers:

Let's face it -- most of today's so-called "cutting edge" security defenses are either so specific, or so brittle, that they really don't offer much meaningful protection against a sophisticated attacker or group of attackers.

Eriq Gardner:

The massive hack by the so-called Guardians of Peace and ongoing leaks could raise unprecedented legal issues for Sony for years to come.

Brooks Barnes:

The incident is likely to be remembered as a failure of Hollywood leadership.

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