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the full package
by noteworthy at 6:18 am EST, Jan 26, 2015

Mark Danner:

We know where we came from, and we know where we are. We do not yet know how to get back.

Quinn Norton:

As the legal system drifts further out of sync with reality, the danger slowly but surely grows.

Brad Heath:

At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies have secretly equipped their officers with radar devices that allow them to effectively peer through the walls of houses to see whether anyone is inside, a practice raising new concerns about the extent of government surveillance.

The radars were first designed for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. They represent the latest example of battlefield technology finding its way home to civilian policing and bringing complex legal questions with it.

Amar Toor & Russell Brandom:

Bill Marczak, a research fellow at CitizenLab and the co-founder of Bahrain Watch, calls FinFisher just the latest step in "productized surveillance," an approach pioneered by companies like Gamma and Milan-based Hacking Team that aims to make digital intrusion as easy and full-service as any other government technology package.

Leslie Gelb:

The world of 2030 will be an ugly place, littered with rebellion and repression. Societies will be deeply fragmented and overwhelmed by irreconcilable religious and political groups, by disparities in wealth, by ignorant citizenry and by states' impotence to fix problems. This world will resemble today's, only almost everything will be more difficult to manage and solve.

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