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the real monster is society
by noteworthy at 5:49 am EST, Jan 27, 2015

David Carr, on Black Mirror:

In all of the episodes, the act of watching -- not doing -- implicates the viewer.

Josh Dzieza:

This is the paranoia at the heart of Black Mirror: we're building systems the full repercussions of which we don't yet understand, and the idea of opting out of them is a myth.

Mallory Ortberg:

A woman falls out of a plane and wakes up to find that it wasn't a plane at all. It was her seven-year-old daughter, who she had murdered because she kept blocking the screen while she (the mother, that is) was trying to watch reality television. Now she's trapped inside of reality television, and all of the judges are seven-year-old girls with cattle prods. The real monster is society.

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