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History: Syncom Satellite
by Elonka at 1:09 pm EST, Nov 11, 2004

] The 1963 launch of Syncom, the world's first
] geosynchronous communications satellite, vanquished
] forces of time, cost, and geography to begin a
] communications revolution.

Just found this page, and am meme-ing it for personal reasons. My father, Stan Dunin, (though not mentioned on this particular page) was on the launch team for this satellite. My father taught math at UCLA, and worked for Hughes Aircraft in the Space Systems Division, doing things like calculating trajectories of a vehicle making a soft landing on the moon. For Syncom, he was part of the launch crew at Goddard Space Center, and was responsible for calculating the optimum (minimum fuel) trajectory of a satellite launched into geosynchronous orbit.


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