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the force will attempt to control the narrative
by noteworthy at 9:29 am EST, Jan 31, 2015

Marco Rubio:

The U.S. government should implore American technology companies to cooperate with authorities so that we can better track terrorist activity and monitor terrorist communications as we face the increasing challenge of homegrown terrorists radicalized by little more than what they see on the Internet.

Ewen MacAskill:

The British army is creating a special force of Facebook warriors, skilled in psychological operations and use of social media to engage in unconventional warfare in the information age. Against a background of 24-hour news, smartphones and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, the force will attempt to control the narrative.

Ted Cruz:

If you can frame the narrative, you win.

Olivia Snaije:

In the end, said Sjon, "Man is a narrative animal."

Diego Gambetta:

A threat does not now need to manifest itself or even be proven imminent to motivate a war. This approach ... is an intentional way of framing the situation and turning it into a political strategy.

Peter Pomerantsev:

The aim is to confuse rather than convince, to trash the information space so the audience gives up looking for any truth amid the chaos.

Chas Freeman:

It says more about us than about China that we have chosen to treat its rise almost entirely as a military challenge and that we have made countering Chinese power and perpetuating our quasi-imperial, post-1945 dominance of the Western Pacific the organizing principles of our Asia policy.

Robert Lee Hotz:

Using a new analytic formula, they needed only four bits of secondary information -- metadata such as location or timing -- to identify the unique individual purchasing patterns of 90% of the people involved, even when the data were scrubbed of any names, account numbers or other obvious identifiers. The new technique is likely to be of interest to [those] that build and buy extensive data bases ...

Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye:

The old model of anonymity doesn't seem to be the right model when we are talking about large-scale metadata.

Johannes (Hanno) Bock:

In many cases it's far from clear what is a security vulnerability.

Loren Brichter:

Maybe it's the Graybeard engineer in me, but the more I learn, the more terrible I think programming is. I'd love to rip everything up and start over.

Richard Hamming:

You can tell other people all the alibis you want. But to yourself try to be honest.

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