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The War Nerd: Boko Haram and the Demon Consensus | PandoDaily
by Decius at 6:14 pm EST, Feb 5, 2015

This is why I love the War Nerd:

“Yup, in today’s inverted-neocon Left dumbery, it’s assumed you’re a *reactionary* if you care about sub-Saharan African victims of Arab/Muslim religious jihadis…It goes something like this: The US is the most powerful on the planet, and power is evil. So anything at all that is anti-American is good because it’s fighting Power; anything that distracts from that is evil; and anything that America professes to care about is even eviler, because of America’s monstrous hypocrisy.

“It makes you dumb just writing that down, but it’s Assange’s worldview and it’s pretty much the dominant Left’s as well.”

Sometimes it helps to keep in mind that most people just don't understand how to tell right from wrong, and nearly everyone is lying to them about it - but they are lies that they want to believe.

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