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the curve
by noteworthy at 11:36 pm EST, Feb 18, 2015

Jan Chipchase:

What does your learning curve look like? Where are you on the curve? And where do you want to be?


Be careful what you get good at.

Jan Chipchase:

The money you turn down defines you as much as the work you take on.

Penelope Trunk:

I try to celebrate each time I give something up, because then I know I'm a little closer to meeting my goals.

Jan Chipchase:

Be your own harshest critic, and deflate hype wherever you see it.

Mike Tyson:

I've learned that when people congratulate me, that's when I focus on my flaws. That way I don't allow my narcissism to fly sky-high and allow me to think that I can act out without any consequences.

Jan Chipchase:

Where do you want to work? Who do you want to work with? And what is the minimal viable infrastructure that is required to make it happen?


Life is too short to spend 2300 hours a year working on someone else's idea of what the right problems are.

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