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a convoluted spaghetti
by noteworthy at 7:17 am EDT, Apr 9, 2015

Bob Work:

Our technological dominance is no longer assured. Quite frankly, we're at the ragged edge of what is manageable.

Murat Demirbas:

We know that for large scale Internet services, a single request may invoke 100s of (micro)services, and that many services can lead to 80K-100K relationships. But it was still surprising to see that it took 400K traces for the call graph to start to converge to its final form. That must be one heck of a convoluted spaghetti of services.

Erich Schubert:

Stack is the new term for "I have no idea what I'm actually using".

Alex Stamos:

Companies across the world are waking up to the fact that their security posture is insufficient to fend off the threats that breached Sony, Anthem and JPMC, and we can no longer build products like it's 2005.

Dick Cheney:

It's a very dangerous situation. I think the threat is growing steadily, and I think our capacity to deal with it is rapidly diminishing.

Wes Felter:

We're getting into interest-only adjustable-rate subprime technical debt.

Shawn Henry:

We're not winning.

Barack Obama:

I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America ... hereby declare a national emergency ...

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