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imagine how appealing it will be
by noteworthy at 6:50 pm EDT, Apr 12, 2015

President Xi Jinping:

No internet safety means no national security. No informatization means no modernization.

Benjamin Dean, Fellow for Internet Governance and Cyber-security, School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University:

As we plough billions of dollars into intelligence agencies, supposedly to keep us all safe from 'cyber-attacks', it has the effect of further weakening the already low incentives for companies to invest in information security themselves.

Erich Schubert:

It's now pretty much mainstream to download and run untrusted software in your "datacenter". That is bad, really bad. Before, admins would try hard to prevent security holes, now they call themselves "devops" and happily introduce them to the network themselves!

Maciej Ceglowski:

Surveillance as a business model is the only thing that makes a site like Facebook possible.

John Herrman:

If Facebook publishing is attractive to healthy companies, imagine how appealing it will be to dying ones.

Nicole Perlroth:

The Great Cannon, the researchers said in a report published Friday, allows China to intercept foreign web traffic as it flows to Chinese websites, inject malicious code and repurpose the traffic as Beijing sees fit.

Jon R. Lindsay, Tai Ming Cheung, and Derek Reveron:

It is futile to hope to eliminate cyber exploitation across national boundaries. It is simply too essential a tool for China's economic development and political stability strategy and for the national security strategy of the United States, although neither state likes to admit it publicly.

While it might not be possible to completely eliminate cyberthreats through norms or formal agreements, we should be able to avoid making them worse through ignorance.

Taylor Swift:

I have to stop myself from thinking about how many aspects of technology I don't understand.

An engineer:

You would be underwhelmed by the technology.

David Ulevitch:

Like it or not, every business is a security company now. Whether you build technology or provide services to consumers or other businesses ... you are a security company. If there is information inside your company you would never want disclosed ... you are a security company. If your business collects and stores personal or confidential data of any kind regardless of your vertical ... you are a security company. It's a fact.

Thomas Fuentes:

'Keep Fear Alive.' Keep it alive.

Rebecca Brock:

People say to me, "Whatever it takes." I tell them, It's going to take everything.

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