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our ultimate goal
by noteworthy at 7:51 am EDT, Apr 20, 2015

Matt Kennard and Claire Provost:

Along the side of the road, signs remind drivers to stay alert and abide by speed limits: "Life is a Journey. Complete it," urges one.

Titus Andromedon and Kimmy Schmidt:

Titus: How old do you think I am?

Kimmy: Titus, age doesn't matter. You can die at any time.

David Brooks:

Every college student should know: career success doesn't make you happy.

Don Hertzfeldt:

People who are weirdly happy all the time, like a little dog -- don't trust them.

Hayao Miyazaki:

I don't ever feel happy in my daily life.

How could that be our ultimate goal?

Ben McLannahan:

Just one-fifth of survey participants said they were content with their job, their firm, their pay and their prospects. Half of the 100 people interviewed -- in a range of mostly senior positions at banks, brokers and asset managers -- said they were unhappy on all four fronts.

Jeannette Neumann:

"I'm going to frame my bank statement, which shows that Bankinter is paying me interest on my mortgage," said a customer who lives in Madrid. "That's financial history."

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