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the dramatic divide
by noteworthy at 7:43 am EDT, Apr 24, 2015

Jeh Johnson:

Terrorism of any type cannot succeed if the people refuse to be terrorized.

David Graeber:

The most powerful way to represent power has always been to refuse to represent it.

Yuval Noah Harari:

Terrorists don't think like army generals; they think like theatre producers.

David Cole:

The fact that parts of our government wanted to kill, without a trial, a citizen who, even if convicted, will face a maximum of fifteen years in prison, illustrates the dramatic divide between the military and law enforcement models for addressing terrorism. Remote-control killing without trial away from battlefields should be disturbing regardless of the passport the victim holds.

John Oliver:

No one cares. [Americans] don't give a shit.

Ashton Carter:

As a military, we have to embrace openness.

Ryan Gallagher:

The only thing that seems to truly terrorize the industry is the prospect of transparency and public accountability.

David Brooks:

People don't even seem to recognize the damage these [police body] cameras will do ...

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