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winter is coming on all fronts
by noteworthy at 2:46 pm EDT, May 2, 2015

Phil Muncaster:

According to Arbor, there were 25 DDoS attacks worldwide larger than 100Gbps during the first quarter. According to NSFOCUS, 90% of attacks were actually less than half an hour in duration. It argued that such attacks were primarily used as a distraction to occupy the IT team while hackers could steal data and deploy malware.

Elise Viebeck:

Customers that employ FireEye's Multi-Vector Virtual Execution engine and Dynamic Threat Intelligence platform are now protected from lawsuits or claims alleging that the products failed to prevent an act of cyberterrorism.

Douglasville Deputy Chief Gary E. Sparks:

It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Robert Graham:

There is no way to have a backdoor for United States communications while opposing backdoors elsewhere.

Jeffrey Goldberg:

Just because something would be useful for law enforcement doesn't mean that they should have it.

Matt Blaze:

[The state of computer security] is an emerging national crisis.

Mubin Shaikh:

There's a perception among counterterrorism agents that they need to be producing something -- they're under pressure from above, and they start to feel like they're better safe than sorry by locking troubled people up if there's no other real option out there.

Robert Brenner, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Cyber Defense Services for K2 Intelligence:

As threats become more complex and invasive it is critical that companies take a holistic approach to cyber defense -- securing their systems, training their people and identifying the threats beyond their walls. K2 Intelligence is providing clients with solutions and resources to battle on all those fronts.

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