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this chauvinist competition
by noteworthy at 8:24 pm EDT, May 10, 2015

Jer Thorp:

Making data a verb exposes to us the power imbalances that have kept our collective endeavours drastically off-kilter. Grammatically speaking, data-as-verb would present a number of possibilities for subject/object combinations:

I data you. You data me. We data you. You data us. They data me. They data us. We data them.

a senior intelligence official:

They [the telephone companies] want to be compelled, and they want to be paid for the service.

Iain Thomson:

As a premium service, Microsoft will offer data from Redmond's security team who monitor black-hat forums, and will alert IT managers if any of their users' identities have been put up for sale.

Jeff Atwood:

A ransomware culture ... does not feel very far off ...

Ashiq JA:

Recently, the Chicago police department agreed to pay a $500 ransom in February 2015. "Because the backups were also infected, the option was to pay the hacker and get the files unencrypted," says Calvin Harden, an IT vendor working with the police department to overcome crypto-ransomware.

John Carlin, head of the Justice Department's National Security Division:

We are seeing nation-state action -- from Russia, China, Iran and North Korea -- target your companies and what you have, day in and day out, to use your information against you.

Fran Howarth:

Already spending $250 million per year on digital security, JPMorgan Chase has pledged to double that spending over the next year as a direct result of the security breach and has increased the number of security professionals it employs to 1,000.

Paul Goodman:

It is amazing to me that the scientists and technologists involved have not spoken more insistently for international cooperation instead of a puerile race. But I have heard some say that except for this chauvinist competition, Congress would not vote any money at all.

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