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it always takes longer than you expect
by noteworthy at 11:20 pm EDT, May 13, 2015

Alice Zheng:

In some ways, all of us in this field are imposters. No one knows everything. The only way to progress is to dive in and start doing. Let us not measure ourselves against others, or focus on how much we don't yet know.

From Mallory Ortberg's "Every Question in Every Q&A Session Ever":

I noticed there are some things you haven't done in your career. Can you explain why you haven't done them, even though I consider them to be more important than the things you personally prefer to do?

Cheryl Strayed:

Don't quit just because you're miserable. Remember, something is to be gained from suffering.

Hofstadter's Law:

It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.

David Z. Hambrick:

Competitive SCRABBLE players devoted an average of nearly 5 hours a week to memorizing words from the SCRABBLE dictionary.

David Brooks:

The only way to stay fully alive is to dive down to your obsessions six fathoms deep.

Jason Lengstorf:

The insidious thing about the Overkill Cult is that it masquerades as all the things we like most about ourselves: dedication, ambition, follow-through, responsibility. It tells us to push harder, stay later, sleep when we're dead. It tells us we're never going to get ahead if we don't show up first and go home last.

Roberto A. Ferdman:

Other people, as it turns out, actually aren't thinking about us quite as judgmentally or intensely as we tend to anticipate. Not nearly, in fact. There's a long line of research that shows how consistently and regularly we overestimate others' interest in our affairs.

Julie Cullivan, global chief information officer at FireEye:

A lot of times people assume you need to have a very technical background to be able to jump into security roles. But really it's about having an analytical mind, being able to correlate information and spot patterns.

Ashiq JA:

The real challenge is translating complex, technical cyber data into practical information that can be easily understood by the business as well as security pros.

Steven Bellovin:

We don't even have the right words.

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