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the real truth
by noteworthy at 8:26 pm EDT, May 28, 2015

Nathan Freed Wessler:

The border is not a constitution-free zone.

Eric Kayne:

Jim Dillon was not convinced.

"I didn't believe a single thing he just said," Dillon declared. The crowd applauded with gusto.

Vanessa Williams:

"You can't talk sense to them," Bush said, referring to terrorists.

"Nooooo!" the audience roared.

Bunk Moreland:

The bigger the lie, the more they believe.

Thomas Fuentes:

Keep Fear Alive. Keep it alive.

Eric Kayne:

"No," Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said recently, when asked at a press conference whether the military was planning to take over Texas.

Chuck Canterbury:

The fact is, a riot can happen in any city in America.

"Leonard Nimoy":

It's all lies. But they're entertaining lies. And in the end, isn't that the real truth?

The answer ... is No.

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