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first as tragedy, then as farce
by noteworthy at 7:53 am EDT, Jun 3, 2015

Andrew Hill:

The notion that the U.S. military can always eliminate resistance, and create sanctuaries free from enemy fire is no longer realistic.

David Kravetz:

Transportation Security Administration screeners allowed banned weapons and mock explosives through airport security checkpoints 95 percent of the time, according to the agency's own undercover testing.

Michael Barr:

That's its whole job. It doesn't do it. It's not designed to do it.

Geoffrey Stone, a University of Chicago law professor:

The fact that it hasn't in the past six years doesn't mean it won't in the next six years.

Jennifer Granick:

If this doesn't blow your mind, you aren't paying attention.

Dan Froomkin:

It was not so much a glorious moment of constitutional rebalancing for the legislative branch as it was parliamentary farce as usual.

The Economist:

The world's most dysfunctional people are nearly all male.

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