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up, up, and away
by noteworthy at 6:36 am EDT, Jun 8, 2015

Jess Bidgood:

31 percent of the international students in the United States during the 2013-14 academic year came from China.

Matt Schiavenza:

Over 60 percent of Chinese students cover the full cost of an American university education themselves, effectively subsidizing the education of their lower-income American peers.

Paul F. Campos:

If over the past three decades car prices had gone up as fast as tuition, the average new car would cost more than $80,000.

Mark Bauerlein:

In 1960, only 15 percent of grades were in the "A" range, but now the rate is 43 percent.

Mike Konczal:

Like many elite private schools, Yale is basically a hedge fund with a university attached for tax status and marketing purposes.

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