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there is no spoon
by noteworthy at 5:48 am EDT, Oct 30, 2015

Sebastian Anthony:

Adriel Desautels told us that, in 2015, [Netragard's] average time for initial penetration of infrastructure -- without the use of zero-days -- was "about an hour." In 2014, however, it was just "four minutes."

Sean Michael Kerner:

What Synack does is bring together top security researchers from around the world and provide a platform that pays those researchers for bugs they find in an enterprise's Web and mobile applications as well as infrastructure components.

Horace Dediu:

The data under scrutiny is, as usual, the data that can be gathered. Unfortunately the data that can't be gathered is where the insight into what is happening may lie.

Matt Devost:

The key is not to think outside the box, but to think without the box.

Alex Whiting:

Ideas don't always carry the day.

Derek Steer:

While poorly trained algorithms can lead to poor outcomes, the same is true of poorly trained humans.

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