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the most exciting and creative parts
by noteworthy at 3:24 pm EST, Nov 8, 2015

Jay Kaplan:

Instead of focusing on the commercial impact of cyberweapons, nation leaders need to focus on scaling back the infiltration of each other's technological infrastructure.

Jay Solomon:

US officials say the IRGC has developed an army of cyberattackers, trained by Russia, who have focused on targets as varied as Wall Street banks, Saudi oil companies and both internal and external opponents of the regime. A spokeswoman for Russia's Foreign Ministry denied Moscow trained Iranians in cyberwarfare and said such attacks are illegal under Russian law.

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai:

In a meeting in Annapolis, Maryland, on January 16, 2015, Kroll investigators asked former Hacking Team employees Alberto Velasco and Alberto Pelliccione, who was connected via Skype, whether [their new cybersecurity product] ReaQta could block Hacking Team's malware. The two, according to the firm's report, "laughed nervously." Pelliccione then said that indeed, ReaQta could neutralize Hacking Team's tools.

Danny Yadron:

To grow sales, FireEye's Dave DeWalt has to say he can stop the hackers. But for sales to keep growing, the hackers can't actually stop.

Freeman Dyson:

Science is not concerned only with things that we understand. The most exciting and creative parts of science are concerned with things that we are still struggling to understand. Wrong theories are not an impediment to the progress of science. They are a central part of the struggle.

Louis Menand:

We are not natural falsificationists: we would rather find more reasons for believing what we already believe than look for reasons that we might be wrong.

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