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some companies will go further
by noteworthy at 6:54 am EST, Jan 5, 2016

Robert Muggah:

Post-Paris, the sense of unease is pervasive.

Technology firms are lining up from Baghdad to Boston to equip city authorities with the software and skills to disrupt terrorism. Today there are more than 75 data fusion centres in major US cities ...

French railway authorities are planning to roll out up to 40,000 new security cameras that can monitor excessive body temperature and signs of anxiety, in the somewhat Orwellian hopes of identifying thought crimes before anyone gets killed.

Michael Dell:

I think this is where the next trillion dollars comes from ...

Bence Olveczky:

As with any sharp tool, you have to be careful how you use it. The sharper it is, the more careful you have to be.

The Economist:

Every employee will be monitored every second; every keystroke and click will be tracked and analysed. Some companies will go further and get white-collar workers to wear sensors that track all movements and measure their tone of voice and the number of steps they take. Whatever they get up to, they will be watched by Big Brother.

There is no sign that Big Brother will make better judgments about human employees than its human predecessors. Humans did an indifferent job, but at least when individual managers did an egregiously bad one they usually got fired. Firing systems will be a lot harder.

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