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challenging times ahead
by possibly noteworthy at 6:33 am EST, Jan 27, 2016

danah boyd:

We must learn how to ask hard questions of technology and of those making decisions based on data-driven tech. And opening the black box isn't enough. Transparency of data, algorithms, and technology isn't enough. We need to build assessment into any system that we roll out.

How do we get people to look beyond their hopes and fears and actively interrogate the trade-offs?

P.W. Singer:

The word 'cyber' appears in the Congressional record 715 times in October alone, 5 times the number for all of 2014.

Michael Burry:

It will always be seductive, but that's the devil that wants your soul.

Mike Rogers:

We've got some challenging times ahead of us, folks.

Brad Smith:

This issue is about the future of technology.

Mark Warner:

Let's get the experts in the room.

An exchange:

David Perrera: There are federal officials who say they believe a technological solution can be found -- something that keeps our devices secure while allowing law enforcement to get access when they need it. You're saying there's absolutely none?

Matt Blaze: I appreciate their faith in my field, but I don't share it.

Corinne Purtill:

Corporate boards, the US Congress, and global gatherings like the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, are all built on a simple theory of problem solving: Get enough smart and powerful people in a room and they'll figure it out.

This may be misguided.

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