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Movies: Preview of Oscar Season
by Elonka at 11:31 am EST, Dec 2, 2004

] "Finding Neverland," a fictionalized
] account of the creation of children's classic "Peter
] Pan," was named best film of 2004 by The National Board
] of Review on Wednesday in the first major award of the
] Oscar season.

I saw "Finding Neverland" a few days ago, and *loved* it. The acting, writing, and effects all combined for a very satisfying emotional experience, full of wonder and human drama. My only beef about the movie is that they took some liberties with the actual timeline, similar to how "Braveheart" is a good movie even though they moved the actual dates and people around for dramatic effect. That complaint aside though, I give "Finding Neverland" an enthusiastic thumbs up, and look forward to seeing how the other contenders line up for the Oscars on February 27th.

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