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RE: Metal World Reacts To Dimebag Darrell's Demise


RE: Metal World Reacts To Dimebag Darrell's Demise
by Vile at 12:48 am EDT, Oct 28, 2005

Kid, you should proofread these things before you send them. Maybe you do, already. Who knows. Your lack of intellect is apparent in your words. You've gotten boring. Your posts are great to laugh at. I'm glad that Darrell is dead. I hope you join him soon! Cheers!

adam wrote:

such a moron you are. for your information i am a college student and i guarantee 10 times smarter than you. i have offered to debate you many times and you have refused. i refuse to believe that any educated person (such as yourself)lol, would justify murder and senselessness. "In fact, I long for the days of the wild west, where I would put a slug in you after first hearing you open your igorant, dense mouth." i guess i am the "igorant" one. retard. so why dont you go to work tommorrow, keep giving those lapdances to guys and shut your mouth. you obviously have issues of trauma(more than likely getting it in the ass from you dad when you were a kid) and should seek counseling.

Is that you and dimebag's dad? Seriously, I wanna know why you spend your spare time looking up things like that. Is that what you are into? Hahahhaha. That proves that I am right about you metalheads. You are all a bunch of fags! Amazing. Your attempt at vicious humor failed, kid. Now tell us why you have such an intense attraction to gay porn! The whole memestreams community would love to know! Hahahaahahh.

RE: Metal World Reacts To Dimebag Darrell's Demise

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