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by Neoteric at 8:41 pm EST, Dec 9, 2004

] CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. %u2014 Food is running so low aboard
] the international space station the two crewmen have been
] instructed to cut back on calories, at least until a
] Russian supply ship arrives in a little over two weeks,
] NASA said Thursday.
] If anything goes wrong with the Christmas Day delivery,
] the space agency will have no choice, given the grounding
] of its shuttle fleet, but to abandon the station and
] bring the men home in early January.

This is a bad.

I don't know why it's bad, but the words "Starving Astronaut" don't go well together. Thank God we're going to the moon, cause on the moon at least the Astronauts will be able to all that moon cheese.

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