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Someone's Watching
by noteworthy at 12:49 pm EST, Dec 18, 2004

For centuries, one of the foundations of civilized life has been the concept of privacy. Today, however, a technological revolution threatens to break down the walls that keep our lives private.

Whether we're at home or at work, almost everything we do or say can be seen and heard by strangers -- if they have the right electronic capability.

Someone's Watching will take viewers into the heart of this brave new world. We'll meet the users of eavesdropping technology, from FBI agents to private investigators, from corporate security officers to anxious parents. We'll learn about the latest innovations in electronic surveillance, from tiny video cameras to software that monitors e-mail, from data mining to GPS tracking devices. And we'll experience real-life stories that illuminate the legal and ethical dilemmas that arise from the use of surveillance.

FYI. The promotional teaser was quite over-the-top and melodramatic (such as asking the FBI, "Should the American people trust the FBI?"), but this program might be worth taking in. The promo is online at

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