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RE: Nobel Prize winners hate school


RE: Nobel Prize winners hate school
by aestetix at 5:00 am EST, Dec 29, 2004

skullaria wrote:
] Many agree- school sucks.

Sounds like this meme demands the obligatory mention of John Taylor Gatto's masterpiece, "Underground History of American Education". An intriguing read and highly relevant follow-up to skullaria's link.

To quickly summarize Gatto's views for those in the dark:
--Mandatory schooling was created in America between 1850 and 1900 by industrial barons who sought the same control they saw developing in Prussia.
--K-12 schooling publicly teaches children, but privately brainwashes them and dumbs them down into motivationless workers.
--Every element of school we take for granted (textbooks, building structure, lines, bells, etc) were craftily pieced together by various psychologists like Skinner, Freud, Pavlov, etc to destroy independent thought.

Grant whatever credence you will, at some points his conspiracy theory efforts put Robert Anton Wilson to the test ;)

RE: Nobel Prize winners hate school

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