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RE: Nobel Prize winners hate school


RE: Nobel Prize winners hate school
by skullaria at 1:25 pm EST, Jan 1, 2005

Decius wrote:
] skullaria wrote:
] ] Many agree- school sucks.
] So, what do you guys think about home schooling... When I
] think of it, I think of reclusive people like the family in
] the Virgin Suicides and I think of slightly crazy
] fundamentalists of various variety. It seems like its
] something that would be impossible to do on two incomes, and
] it seems like its becoming more and more difficult for people
] to live the American Dream on one income, particularly in
] places like California or New York. Additionally, I find it
] hard to imagine teaching advanced subjects effectively. Do I
] recall all the details of high school level chemistry? I can
] do calculus, but can I teach it? Can most "home school"
] parents do calculus? Can I provide social outlets for my kids
] that are better then the admittedly bad one in public schools?
] Just not something I've ever taken seriously. I was somewhat
] surprised by the tone taken by this site. Seemed more
] intelligent and less ideological then I expected.
] What do you think?

I quit my job to homeschool my son 2 months ago. I felt I had to. He's very, VERY bright in math, has a high IQ, is a budding computer guru, and he is very BORED in public school. The private schools here are either too religious or too expensive for us.

We are a more secular family- a lot of homeschoolers want to impart values (DOGMA) on their kids, but I just want my child to get a Renaissance education at his own pace and not have the threat of ritalin hanging over our heads.

I don't think we're TOO weird - maybe a bit, lol. We have a lot of fun, and there is always music, art and science going on in this house!

As for social outlets, he goes to the Y and has many cousins his age to play with. The whole "they lack socialization" thing is the last refute usually given in defense of why 1:1 education is as good as 1:30. I think its a crock. I remember the socialization that ***I*** got in school and I want to scream. It was anything but natural, OR healthy. (You're whale-manure if you don't have designer jeans, pressure to have sex too young, drugs, boys don't like smart girls, football jocks RULE....puh-leez!)

My son LOATHED school; it was a fight everyday and he came home upset 2 days a week. They kept testing him to find something WRONG with him and he kept doing past his grade level on all the tests that they gave him. As a last resort to his not paying attention and squirming they started hinting we should have him tested for ADHD. Like hell! He was bored. The decision to homeschool was made for us. My child is not going to be given drugs so he'll be willing to sit still and be happy while he is bored! **Period**

I am finding homeschool is VERY fun and very rewarding, but it IS a lot of work! I'm working on my 3rd degree currently. No way I could work a full time job, homeschool, and go to nightschool! I've taught adults before, but never children. I don't think that teaching is hard, especially if it comes naturally to you and you love it.

I don't think teaching is a thing you do that a degree qualifies one for, or prepares one for. I think it requires a high level of natural talent, excellent communication skills, and yes, love.

Anyone can be educated way beyond their level of competence, with no regard to natural talent, which is what I think has happened too often in our public schools. Just my 2 cents.

RE: Nobel Prize winners hate school

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