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RE: 2004 Statistics for


RE: 2004 Statistics for
by noteworthy at 11:08 pm EST, Jan 2, 2005

Decius wrote:
] Since 2002 we've been publishing the httpd log statistics for
] this site on an annual basis. This gives you some insight into
] traffic levels, popular pages, and the kinds of search results
] that bring people to MemeStreams.

Thanks. The awstats are always worth a look, but I found your year-to-year comparative analysis even more interesting.

I understood increased scalability to be a primary purpose of your ongoing efforts to reengineer the MemeStreams code base and web site. If the numbers are really leveling off, are further efforts in this area warranted?

The awstats do tell me something about the usage of the site, but it leaves out a significant data point. It's not something you will find in the httpd logs, but rather in the database itself. That is the level of activity on the part of registered users, not just in 'hits' and 'visits', but in terms of the memes themselves.

I would like to see per-month and per-user stats on the number of URLs memed and/or log entries made.

What is the status of the year in graphs for 2004?

RE: 2004 Statistics for

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