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RE: 2004 Statistics for


RE: 2004 Statistics for
by noteworthy at 10:51 pm EST, Jan 3, 2005

Decius wrote:
] Yes, of course. If I've led you to believe that changes are
] being made in order to ward off an impending self destruction
] due to over population I apologize. Thats not what we're doing
] at all.

Course corrected, sir.

] 1. Fixing a multitude of problems with the user interface that
] are either annoying, or confusing, or both.

Is there a master list? Is it in bugzilla? What's the bugzilla URL again?

] 3. Adding some new features that everyone wants, such as
] pictures...

Are configurable "read more" page-break points on the list?

] As of right now there have been 16,842 memes posted to
] memestreams during its lifetime. 6,639 of them were
] recommended during 2004.

And of the ones in 2004, I recommended (not necessarily initiated) 1300 of them, altogether. You recommended ~ 1150. I win! (This analysis excludes in-thread replies that were not posted to a MemeStream, such as this reply.)

Seriously, though, there is much to consider in the observation that nearly 20% of the site's annual memes can be found on a single stream. I'd like to see that percentage dwindle to 1% or less -- and not because of my own inaction!

RE: 2004 Statistics for

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