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The Case Against Michael Jackson - January 6, 2005
by Shannon at 1:30 pm EST, Jan 13, 2005

] JANUARY 6--While jury selection is scheduled to begin
] later this month, specific details of the criminal
] molestation case against Michael Jackson have been
] shrouded through a judicial gag order, heavily redacted
] legal filings, sealed court proceedings, and other
] secrecy measures. But now, for the first time, The
] Smoking Gun has compiled an authoritative,
] behind-the-scenes account of the prosecution's case
] against the King of Pop, who was indicted last April on
] ten felony counts for the alleged sexual abuse of a Los
] Angeles boy in early 2003. This story (and the ones
] linked at right) are based on a review of confidential
] law enforcement and government reports, grand jury
] testimony, and sealed court records provided to TSG by
] sources.

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