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NIC - 2020 Project
by Rattle at 12:24 am EST, Jan 16, 2005

] Mapping the Global Future is the third unclassified
] report prepared by the National Intelligence Council
] (NIC) in the past seven years that takes a long-term view
] of the future. The National Intelligence Council, as a
] center of strategic thinking and over-the-horizon
] analysis for the US Government, takes this as one of its
] key challenges.

China and India will be leading Globalization, which fully appears to be unstoppable. Terrorism, of course, will still be an issue. The spoils of technological advancement will go to the developing nations under the cloud of the global economy. The EU will continue to expand.

I didn't read this in too much depth. Its easy to parse quickly, although many sections are not exactly easy to read due to the authors' desire to make it look pretty.

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